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fabric connector not coming up Poll Active directory server does not add Users and Groups to list.

Poll Active directory server does not add Users and Groups to list. When I click Edit and I add users and groups, the Number changes to  from 0 to 3, meaning it added the users and groups. My active directory connector still shows down. see attached images. Not sure what i am missing. when i return to edit users and groups  shows 0 AD.JPGAD2.JPG

I have tried both domain account and local account for the server. Thanks




Could you please provide the output for following command

diagnose debug fsso-polling detail 1




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FORTIWIFi60E # diagnose debug fsso-polling detail 1
AD Server Status(err: server can not be accessible):
ID=1, name(,ip=,source(security),users(0)
port=auto username=sypheit.local\administrator
read log eof=0, latest logon timestamp: Wed Dec 31 19:00:00 1969

polling frequency: every 10 second(s) success(0), fail(376)
LDAP query: success(0), fail(0)
LDAP max group query period(seconds): 0
LDAP status: connected

Group Filter:


This error:

"AD Server Status(err: server can not be accessible)"

Seems the same as in this old post:

Poll Active Directory issue after installed the Wi... - Fortinet Community


Please to through all the pages on that post



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i am running FortiOs6.4.5 ..looks like i need to get to 6.4.7 for it to work....i am running windows eerver 2019, so i hope that its patched already...not sure what i need to fix...


Hey Josiah,

if your Windows Server 2019 is up to date, it should have the relevant patches in place; they were published about two years ago I believe. I would suggest upgrading your FortiGate to at least 6.4.7; we are up to version 6.4.14 in the 6.4 branch by now, and a number of vulnerabilities were patched in between.

After you've upgraded the FortiGate, double-check if the issue persists; if yes, you might want to consider a ticket with Fortinet Technical Support to dig into debugging the local poller and connection to AD more in-depth.

What can sometimes help is to change the format of the user you're trying to authenticate with:

Instead of "sypheit.local\administrator" try "administrator@sypheit.local" for example, or just "administrator", and see if that helps.

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