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diag debug - Traffic looks flowing.. with tunnel DOWN!!!!!!!!!

I have 10 IPSEc VPNs, with 10 diff remote customers with 10 diff remote OS endpoints 


Yesterday, one of the VPNs stoped working properly.  In the remote endpoint, it was a MicroTik and even there, there are more than 10 VPNs. 


In both cases (my fortigate and remote microtik) only ONE of the several existing VPNs are showing a weird behaviour

IN my case, i can show the remote VPN admin guy, that the traffic is coming, returning back , and more, using debug, i can show traffic flowing to remote endpoint VPN, and i can see the policy number 


id=20085 trace_id=138 func=fw_forward_handler line=675 msg="Allowed by Policy-608:"

id=20085 trace_id=138 func=ipsecdev_hard_start_xmit line=121 msg="enter IPsec interface-Trustvpn"



IN the other site, he claims that he can´t see my traffic coming back, in fact, barely can see the traffic going, in his perspective looks like the traffic is goint to nowhere.. he can´t see traffic being sent inside the VPN


More bizarre: The message stating the policy number and showing that the packa has been delivered is shown EVEN WITH THE TUNNEL DOWN! Fortigate shows the tunnel up, but we´ve changed the password of my side and the tunnle never got down!


so, we did a reset, a flush,m re-cunched passwords again and yet, the tunnle gots UP in a matter of seconds, even a refresh in the GUI and the tunnel is there, up and running.


there is a source NAT, all traffic from remote endpoint, looks like a coming from a ip subnet, like an IP Pool in source VPN


with the tunnel DOWN:


the test, :

telnet> open 8070


telnet: connect to address Connection timed out

telnet> open 8070


telnet: connect to address Connection timed out







filters=[port 8070]

pcap_lookupnet: TrustDBAvpnNG: no IPv4 address assigned

13.742825 -> syn 696877932

14.742942 -> syn 696877932

16.743190 -> syn 696877932

20.743687 -> syn 696877932

28.744194 -> syn 696877932

44.746181 -> syn 696877932






the DIAG:


id=20085 trace_id=138 func=init_ip_session_common line=4629 msg="allocate a new session-5c465ddb"

id=20085 trace_id=138 func=vf_ip4_route_input line=1596 msg="find a route: flags=00000000 gw- via 

id=20085 trace_id=139 func=print_pkt_detail line=4478 msg="vd-root received a packet(proto=6,

id=20085 trace_id=139 func=resolve_ip_tuple_fast line=4539 msg="Find an existing session, id-5c465ddb, original direction"

id=20085 trace_id=139 func=ipsecdev_hard_start_xmit line=121 msg="enter IPsec interface-Trustvpn"

id=20085 trace_id=139 func=ipsec_output_finish line=232 msg="send to via intf-port2"

id=20085 trace_id=139 func=esp_output4 line=897 msg="encrypting, and send to with source"




Ghost jokes apart, how can i got down all IPSEC services, without rebooting the unit?


SHould i reboot the entire CLUSTER?


FOrtiOS 5.2.7




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