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cconfig system central-management set fmg


Dear People,


there was 2 ways to register a Fortigate to Fortimanager.


At least you use the following string to activate the sync with Fortimanager.


To use the registration password, enter the following:

execute central-mgmt register-device <fmg-serial-no><fmg-registerpassword><fgtusrname><fgt-password>


Can somebody explain what is and where to get or set it:




Thanx in advance!

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Where did you get the syntax of the command? We don't use password but preshare, which is currently not supported by FMG (at least with 6.4). So just put a dummy preshare as "preshare" like below:
execute central-mgmt register-device <fmg-serial-no> preshare




Dear Toshi,

I found a tehnical Tip on this sites first. I searcht with them in web and I found this link:

If test to register the device with your syntax I get a fail:

FG-60F-KATEST # show system central-management
config system central-management
set type fortimanager
set fmg ""

FG-60F-KATEST # execute central-mgmt register-device fgt60ftkchangeserial dummy
Start Registering ...
Registering device to FMG fail

What do you think, whats wrong? Must I make some changes on FMG-Cloud?
Over the Gui, I can register and authorize the FG.

Is there a possibility like Linux Machine to get the kernel info like tail -f /var/log/messages?


Thanx in advantage

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