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(ask) fortianalyzer custom report

hello, i want to ask

i have a fortigate with fortianalyzer and i want to create custom report with scenario like this :


1. Network A 1.a. user/ip 1 | browse to what website 1.b. user/ip 2 | browse to what website 2. Network B 2.a. user/ip1 | browse to what website

2.a. user/ip1 | browse to what website

2.b. user/ip 2 | browse to what website


can i create custom report like that with fortianalyzer ?

sorry for my bad english


Should be possible assuming your are comfortable designing SQL queries.  To extract the network portion of an IP address, you should be able to use the function network(inet).




note: for those less familiar with SQL, the Chart Builder tool (FAZ 5.6 & later) can take you part of the way.  But that tool, only allows you to choose from available fields, without using functions.  You need to manually modify the SQL query in a dataset to include a function.

Chris Hall
Fortinet Technical Support
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