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add Bridged-SSIDs to Local-WiFi-Profiles

Hey Everyone,


i work with a FortiWiFi 60E with Firmware 6.2.6 Build1175.


I have created four SSIDs and set them to "Bridge Mode".

This four SSIDs were assigned to a FortiAP-Profile.

And the Managed FortiAPs use this profile.

So far so good.


Now i want the local WiFi Radio to use this profile also.

It is no problem for me to create this setting again for "local WiFi Radio" in a new profile.


But here i run into two problems:

1) i can't add Bridged-SSIDs to Local-WiFi-Profiles -> Is there a workaround or something like that?

2) not the biggest problem but as far as i can see the Local-WiFi-Radio is only possible to send out 2,4 GHz or 5 GHz but not both? Or maybe i do something wrong.


Can someone help me, please?

I found that some people work with Soft-Switches but i am not sure if that is that what i need.


Best Regards,


Contributor II

Hi there,


1. The built in FortiWifi does not support bridge mode SSID, what bridge mode SSIDs really mean is to just be on the same network as the interface.. but in the FortiWifi radio interface case it doesn't have a network. In order to bridge you would have to use a tunnel mode SSID and create a software switch to bridge two interfaces(the LAN and that SSID). So, this may require reconfiguring you LAN as well. The software switch will be the interface with the IP/netmask/dhecp server/etc, anything adding into will need to be with no references.


2. Built in FortiWifi is dual band but only single radio. So since it is single radio it can only do 1 at a time, you need to pick one or the other.


Dear brycemd,


thank you for your answer! Now i know how i have to handle this.


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