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Worth the time/effort to switch from SonicWall to FortiGate?

Just started a new job recently, they are running multiple SonicWalls that are up for renewal in November. It would be a group effort to setup/replace/manage going forward. Some of the SonicWall are going EOL so they would at least need to be replaced with a SonicWall which would be easier since we could just import config. I have done a SonicWall to FortiGate migration in the past and it took a decent amount of work to do.

Guessing this sub will be biased but any compelling reason to put in the effort rather than leaving it as is? I will also say that the others who would be managing is more familiar with SonicWall and would have to learn that so I don't want to impose something without a reason.

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I'd recommend looking at the FortiConverter service which is available to migrate configurations from SonicWall to a new FortiGate. You just purchase it as a once off service when you get a new FortiGate, create a ticket with the config and the FortiConverter team will convert it to a FortiGate config.


More info can be found here:

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I agree about forti-converter!  Very reasonably priced and quick turnaround.

I've used it when upgrading Fortigate models (not cross-brand, though.)

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