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Workstation behind Fortigate not seen by remote access unless User is logged on

Fortigate 80F / 6.4.10 / FSSO with AD

I'm testing a new configuration.

The workstations under test are accessed via remote access like GoToAssist or SplashTop.

It appears that unless a workstation has a User logged on, it may not be visible in the remote access menu.

I suspect this is because the Fortigate settings require an authorized User logon in order for the remote access "server" on the workstation(s) to communicate.

How to fix?

Any other common app's that need to communicate out without a User logon?

Fred Marshall
Fred Marshall

I think I fixed it but was it the best method?

I have a URL list that will allow all the needed URLs for remote access services.
I had been requiring local addresses AND local Users.  

Removing local users and keeping local addresses fixed the problem.

Fred Marshall
Fred Marshall

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