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Wordpress Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) in URL Validation

i have fortigate 100e and 200e firewall. I didnt find this cwe in fortigate database. why this vulnerability not contain in fortigate threat database.


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Thanks a lot for information

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It might be a bug, cause usually, WordPress is the most trusty platform that I've ever worked with. I'm not a big site developer or anything like that, I just happen to have worked with WordPress for the company I work in and with some other platforms that are similar to it. The last innovation that I made for the company using WordPress was to give the possibility to hold the meetings on our own website using a plugin rather than simply holding them on Zoom.

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I've encountered the same problem here. Saad

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This error was due to an overabundance of information on the page. Normally WordPress works fine if you don't overload the server. I am not a website development professional, although I have my site, which is over a year old. However, it is not my merit at all, but This company has been involved in the site and all its changes for six months, and during this time, my site has become only better.

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You should definitely consider checking out wordpress development services provided by Webcapitan. These experts excel at swiftly resolving any WordPress-related issue that may arise.


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