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Wireless Ethernet Bridge/Mesh encapsulation question

how does Ethernet (Layer 2) data travel across a pair of FortiAPs setup in a Wireless Ethernet Bridge configuration?


For example, I have a Fortigate interface setup at It's connected to an Ethernet mode FAP at The FAP is on a switch alongside Server A at


Another FAP is in Ethernet Bridge Mesh mode at and is on a switch alongside PC A at The mesh is connected.


If Server A has a DHCP server setup, when PC A does a DHCP REQUEST, does the Layer 2 aspect of DHCP get encapsulated BEHIND the IP address info of the FAPs in a packet? (ie: [Source IP] - [ Dest IP]  [payload of DHCP])? Or is all the DHCP stuff ignoring the stuff of the FAPs entirely at this point?






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