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does anyone else get this? In my "Top threat destinations" widget in my NOC/Soc view, it will periodically have a bright orange/pink screen flash. I'm guessing this is just a cool graphical effect?
Let's say that a Ethernet-connected FAP is setup to form a wireless Ethernet bridge with another FAP. Now if the two radios go out of range each other, then a week later go back into range of each other, will the bridge connection still automatically...
how does Ethernet (Layer 2) data travel across a pair of FortiAPs setup in a Wireless Ethernet Bridge configuration? For example, I have a Fortigate interface setup at It's connected to an Ethernet mode FAP at The FAP is ...
in my FAP322C's web gui, i can see that it has a connection to a mesh access point with an RSSI value of 49. But... what is the range of the RSSI data here? How high can the value even go? Is 49 middle of the road, close to the max? I wasn't able to ...
Is it possible to factory reset a FAP222B without the POE adapter? I can't determine the IP address of the FAP222b I have. When I sniff it on Wireshark, it never sends any ARP broadcasts