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Windows 11 / Forticlient blue screen

forticlient hangs 98% of the time when connected, Windows 11 then gets an ndis.sys error and then reboots .

Occasionally, it also connects completely and hangs up a few seconds later

with the same error


Error sequence

Establishing a connection with a plant -> 98% -> Windows hangs -> error message Ndis.sys comes -> computer restarts

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I have same error with Windows 10 / Forticlient
I got connected with the VPN server but when I pinging a IP address in the network I have connected with via VPN, I got the blue screen with the same ndis.sys error and then reboots.


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Same.  It works fine on my home desktop, but my work laptop (where I need it the most) does not work.  I can connect just fine without issue 99% of the time, but as soon as I even ping an IP through the VPN it bluescreens.


Welcome to Fortinet community and Thank you for your post.
Have you tried a uninstall and clean reinstall of Forticlient on the host machine in question? Did you try to connect using web mode?
Hope to hear from you.
Waqas Arshad
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I have the same problem with win 10. I uninstall and reinstall the client 3 times. I tested client v7.0 and also V6.2 and V5.6. Always the same problem with the blue screen.


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same problem.



98% and after blue screen(ndis.sys)

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Hi all,

Same issue with all WIN10 version (from 20H2 to 22H2)

--> latest updates (all softwares, O365, Win10)

--> latest drivers (HP Elitebook 650 G8,G9 and G10)

We have this problem since Forticlient 7.0.3, same issue with 7.0.6, 7.0.7 and 7.0.8.

BSOD appears only when user are using VPN (can be up to 5 crashes in a row) and not possible to replace by 'VPN only' client, EMS version is protecting our devices.

Since the first issue, answer from Fortinet support is "config is good, wait for the next version" now we are waiting the 7.0.9 (end june). If same problem with 7.0.9 we'll put the entire Fabric in the trash.

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same problem.


forticlient 7.0.2

98% and after blue screen

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Same issue. User upgraded to Windows 11 with existing Forticlient installation. ndis.sys bluescreens when attempting to connect SSL VPN, but IPsec VPN still worked.

Removed and reinstalled Forticlient, SSL still bluescreens the machine and now IPsec fails on first step.

Bluescreens appear to be really generic, as far as memory dumps go. "Caused By Address : ndis.sys+3989".


Of, and also tried VPN-only client, still bluescreens on SSL and IPsec won't connect. VPN-only client works fine for both VPN types on my personal Windows 11 machine.


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