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Which OS do you think is better?

Which OS do you think is better?


Recently adopted OS 6.2.4 for the customer's FG-1101E. As a result, disasters have continued in recent months. It’s not UTM protection that leads to policy failure, or it’s performance failure and very slow speed. It is often necessary to skip the ASIC chip with instructions to get back to normal. At present, vxlan is still very slow to be unbearable.


The FG-600D used on the other office of the customer uses OS 6.0.10. The result from the LOG record shows that the application crashes all the time. Even if I format the device and put it back in the settings, the result is not improved.


Fortinet's CS department responded so that we and our customers almost lost confidence. Because they have been persuading us, upgrading the system can improve. But obviously OS 6.0.x is still in use. OS 6.2.4 is the fifth version of 6.2, but it is still suffering. Consult with senior Fortinet engineers, should we upgrade to 6.4.2 on both sides?


P.S. FG-110E must above OS 6.2 cause FAP-231E





It is recommended to check the release notes before performing an upgrade. Please check "Known issues" section for known issues.


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