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Where is a VPN Tunnel interface defined?

I need to setup a VPN tunnel to Google with NAT, so I thought I would look at how my Fortigate was set up ,before I took the network job, for VPN and NATing.  I see in the Policy and Objects an interface that is a VPN Tunnel Type and also says it's a Security Fabric Connection. I can not find where that is defined anywhere on our Fortigate. It's not in the Network Interfaces. I don't see it anywhere under Security Fabric.  I've included a screenshot of the details I can see if I float over that interface. 


I have begun creating an IPSec VPN tunnel to go from our Fortigate to Google, but I would like to see the settings of a working tunnel before hiting "Enable" on the one I am creating. 


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Have a look @ Security Fabric External Connectors.

Do you have vdoms configured?

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