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Where are located the ssl vpn client logs? (4.4..2317)

I am using the ssl vpn client (not the forticlient) for ssl tunnel on several laptops. I am having trouble with one laptop not connecting, and the gui doesn't show any information. The problem is that even if I enable the debug level on the vpn client,  ther are no logs produced / registered to any typical place.

Where should I go to see the logs (client side only)


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Some time ago I found out the solution. You should go to %APPDATA%\Roaming\Fortinet\SslvpnClient\LogFile

The logs are not really useful (at least the times I tried it), but they might be in some cases.


My FortiClient VPN logs are not located here and I too would like to learn where I can find them.


I am using fortissl, not forticlient. FortiSSL is a minimalistic client only for the vpn part of the connection, which is very useful if you don't want any of the extra features (safe browsing etc..), and only a vpn client to be used by your users.


Is this different than selecting "VPN Only" when installing FortiClient? I also do not have the extra features on my SSL VPN client, but the app is still called FortiClient.


Yes, it's a specific client, only for vpn, it can only be downloaded from fortinet if you have the credentials (not public as the forticlient).

You can see how it looks in this video here


Found it on the support portal. Wow, all the problems I've had with FC, hopefully this works much better. Thanks!


For anyone else looking:

log into the Support portal > Downloads > Firmware Images > Select Product = FortiClient > Download tab > Windows > select version > FortiClientTools... > HTTPS

It's FortiSSLVPNclient.exe in the SSLVPNcmdline dir


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