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When will the Fortigate 200F get OS 7.0.x?

I have the Fortigate 200F and continue to wonder when it will support OS 7?   

This is a recently purchased firewall and I was told that it would be supporting OS7.  Is that correct?


Hi Daniel, 


FGT 200F will be supported in FOS V7.0.2. Currently, FGT200F is already in the interim build and will be supported in the next V7.0.2 GA version.




Thank you.  I am new to The Fortinet/Fortigate/FortiOS world and I was confused by an environment where the newest models were not supported immediately in an OS upgrade.  I (now) consider this my issue (not Fortinets) for not understanding the FortiOS release cadence, etc.


Some background on my concern/panic:  I had just migrated from a vendor because the hardware platform we were on was not supported on their newest OS version.   Rather than upgrade to their latest hardware platform, i took the opportunity to invest (a bit more) in 7 new Fortigate appliances.   When I first set everything up this was my only outstanding issue, that I could not upgrade my 200F to the latest OS prior to deployment.  I had excellent pre-sales, sales, technical support, and community through the process.  Because it was a greenfield environment, I had want to hit the ground running with the latest FortiOS and not have to do upgrades shortly after deployment.   But I did not want to go to tell management that the time and money we had just spent to get to a new, more capable, and better supported platform left us in the same situation where we were unable to run the latest OS again.  I kept them apprised all along that it "appeared" we were going to get the updated releases eventually, but there was no clear indication of that anywhere.


This issue for me is RESOLVED!  thank you!  Thank the community/forums etc.  I better understand my new environment now, and got some excellent advise/understanding about the release cadence.  I am happy with my choice to migrate to this environment/product/OS, etc.

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