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Whatsapp problem using FWF30E and 5.6.2

Hello all ! 

I have a personal FortiWifi 30E running 5.6.2 and I experienced some issues with Whatsapp. I have a policy that allow my local subnet to go outside using HTTP/HTPS/DNS and some other ICMP protocol. I installed a lot of firewall for some clients and never had this problem. Whatsapp is working but not normally. I have some delay (many minutes) when sending and receiving messages for example. 

As workaround, I added 81 whatsapp address and put them into a address group, created a policy in front off others and disabled AV, IPS, APP and it is working. I even restricted traffic to specific ports used for whatsapp. All is working with this solution but I'm not very happy to use a static list of IP address. 

do you have a better solution ? It could be fun if we can have "Whatsapp" as Internet Services. 


Thank you in advance

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Do you normally have ssl cert inspection on? That has caused me issues in the past. Are you doing standard policy type or NGFW style?

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WhatsApp uses port 5222 and 443 for the regular messaging. I do not know how your policy is set up exactly, but if you only set up HTTP/HTTPS/DNS, you will need to add 5222 too. If you have been using the Application Control to whitelist WhatsApp, there's a signature update that will be released today. The protocol changed recently. Hope this helps. 




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