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What's changed with FortiClient licensing since v5.6 ?

Hi all,

Can anyone point me to a resource which explains what's changed with FortiClient licensing since v5.6, or maybe provide a couple of sentences which explains what's going on?

I'm running a Fortigate v5.6 and FortiClient v5.6 combination at present.  We only use FortiClient for SSL VPN administrative access (no users involved, just admins).

I tried running FortiClient v6.2 yesterday and ran into licensing issues (EMS?), so had to uninstall and re-install v5.6 again.



Hi Steve,


look at these thread:


Since 6.2 the Forticlient seems does not have the 10 free Licence on a Fortigate device anymore.

They have some licensing changes you can read here.


Regards Chris


Thanks Chris,

That was exactly what I needed!  I had been looking at the Fortinet Support site in the Downloads area.  The SSL VPN free version of the FortiClient isn't available in the FortiClient 6.2 area there, so that's what led me astray.

I've been able to get the correct installer from as per this section of the release notes you mentioned above:

Works great, so I have updated my documentation ... and Case Closed.

Thanks for your help,



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