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What is Virus Outbreak Prevention

Hello all,


I'm actually learning the NSE4 certification and on the Antivirus chapter they are talking about the "Virus outbreak prevention - Use Fortiguard Virus outbreak prevention database"


I'm not sure what add this feature, they just say that outbreak prevention add an additional layer of protection from newly emerging malware...but how ? 


I find an not offical article where they said that outbreak prevention is an global virus signature feed from multiple constructor as "VirusTotal, Kaspersky, symantec etc..) and not only from fortiguard that's right ? 


Thanks a lot for answer 






Hello Miguel

  • FortiGuard's Virus Outbreak Prevention (VOP) is a security feature that helps prevent the spread of virus outbreaks across a network.
  • Virus outbreaks can occur when a virus infects one computer on a network and then spreads to other computers through shared files or network connections. VOP uses advanced threat detection techniques to identify potential virus outbreaks and then automatically takes action to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • For example, if VOP detects that a computer on the network is infected with a virus, it can isolate that computer from the network to prevent the virus from spreading. VOP can also block traffic from known malicious IP addresses, scan email attachments for viruses, and detect and block malware downloads from the internet.

    Please refer to the below link for more details :


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