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What do I need to do to get information?

Looking for a full network, firewall, 8 or so switches and around 60 access points with support/full visibility into the network they are promoting.


I have been given nothing but the run around by Fortinet with delays cancelations. Looking for basic info on the stack with full visibility with support for say 5 years. this is ongoing for 2 weeks now with another delay. I was very excited about this stack but its quickly going into the never going to happen if this is the norm when it comes to SALES for this company. if sales is this bad I dont know if I want to even see how their support is..


what do I need to do to get some help? it is getting out of hand

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Fortinet Support is great. I have done multiple remote session with support and the specialist was professional in resolving. Urges your business contact. 

In this moment there is a mondial problem with the microprocessors that impact all vendors.


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