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Wanted to use iperf test for 2 public IP addresses.

I desperately need your help guys. I need to test some metrics in two networks. The one network was using Fortinet as router/firewall and the other end is my network at home. local testing is okay but since I need to use the public IP, it didn't work. Is there any way to allow it? I use port forwarding already but it doesn't work. Do I have any configuration that I need to do in FortiGate? Thank you for the reply.


Hi apgamilla,


Which side would be your iperf server? 

Is the Fortigate configured with a public IP address?


If you plan on using a device connected to FGT as the iperf server, you can use VIP on the FGT to allow the traffic. Iperf allows you to use your own port (either TCP / UDP), set port 8080 as the listening port for iperf server and configure VIP. 


If the Fortigate is not configured with a public IP, then it might get tricky. You can configure DynDNS and use the DNS name for the iperf. Same FQDN can be used in VIP as external IP. 




yeah.. FortiGate was not configured with a public IP... I already configured the VIP and it didn't work. hmmm.. maybe that's the problem? another problem is we still didn't use our domain so I cannot use the DynDNS.. :( 


You may be misunderstanding DDNS
Checkout this Fortinet KB.
You don't need your own domain. You can create a unique name using FortiDDNS.




you will need to say more about the environment.

iperf is a flexible text you can use for (almost) any port.

FortiGate has an integrated iperf3 test (diag traffictest ...) that connect at a minimum to outside. I think in later versions it can receive connections from outside.

iperf and traffic test can connection to some external server and then be instructed to send traffic or to receive traffic, use tcp or udp.


That should cover all cases of load testing, rather than a connection problem that you seem to have.


Best regards,




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