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WEB Filter on Non Standard Ports

Hi team,


I configured the web-filter feature to block some Urls categories, the problem is that the feature only works on port 80 and 443, and a lot of webpages running on non-standard ports like 8080, 8014, 8015 are not categorized and blocked by the Fortigate.(I have a policy with the services "all" enabled).


I found this KB:


You can add the ports to inspect, but since the device don't support a port-range 1-65535, It is not a viable solution, imagine I need to add all this ports one by one.


My question is, how can I inspect the protocol http and https, and not only the ports 80 and 443?

Any ideas?


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have a look at the proxy profile, it determines which ports are associated with a protocol.

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One choice is to use WebFilter in flow mode and not in proxy mode.


It worked like a charm. Thank you - Fortigate 6.4

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