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WAN1 is alerting Up,Down- Up,Down

Hi, I'm using 100EF FortiGate. from past few day its alerting on my email WAN1 Down and after few seconds it alerts WAN1 Up. 

I'm running two ISPs. I haven't updated its firmware yet. WAN1 connection is via Fiber media converter then a Router and it further in the FortiGate. here is the error. Do let me know how to avoid this hitch.


"type="event" subtype="system" level="critical" vd="root" logdesc="Routing information changed" name="google" interface="wan1" status="down" msg="Static route on interface wan1 may be removed by health-check google. Route:  (> ping-down) (> ping-down)"



Aezaz Ali Khan
Aezaz Ali Khan

Hi Aezaz,

I would like to know if you have configured a SD-WAN on the firewall 

From the logs, I suspect that the SD-WAN performance SLA is causing the wan 1 link to failover to wan 2 link. Thus causing the alerts to trigger

Vishal P

Hi Aezazdurrani56,


Thank you for posting to the Fortinet Community Forum.


From your description I can understand that you are getting multiple alert email stating that your wan1 is down


As per the logs the alert mail is regarding the performance sla which you must have configured in SDWAN.
It is not stating the information regarding the interface is being down but the link from wan1 is down due to which it is removing the default route from wan1 from the routing table
From the logs I could see that you have configured source IP

Can you check by removing the source IP
config system sdwan
config members
edit 1
unset source


Also consult with your ISP why the link is being down and is unreachable.


Let us know if this helps.



Salon Raj Joshi

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