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WAN failover

I'd like to setup 2 WAN on a Fortigate but not as Active-Active but Active-Passive, so if ISP1 fails, it failover to ISP2 automatically.

I know Active-Active ispossible since you just needed to set policy-based routing to do this but not sure with ISP1 as primary and ISP2 as a backup that will failover automatically without switching the routing. Is this possible? 



SD-WAN is generally recommended unless some specific reasons not to use SD-WAN.

It's for 6.0 because Google found it first, but should be similar doc for newer version.


Only if you have particular reason not to, you can use two static default routes to each but change priority, then set up link-monitor against the primary circuit to remove the primary default route. But this is basically what SD-WAN would do.

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If you know that you have a combination of lost and slower connections, I'd go with #3. The load balance is also available. Usb modems (3G/4G,sim), also deserving of attention, generally any Mikrotik router you would be trying to do so with, can be used as a 3rd backup if it has a Usb slot. Just to be covered.

Life is a Gift

Life is a Gift
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Thanks for both inputs, I'll try the SD-WAN


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