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VoIP phone wont receive DHCP address


On a FSW 148F, I plugged in my phone but although the port is up and on the correct vlan, I cannot get it to receive an IP address. The voice vlan is also on the port that connects through the other switch connected to it, (Cisco trunk). My computer has no problem and can send receive data and access the LAN\WAN, but the phone wont get online, any suggestions?


Computer is on port #1 - works fine

Phone is on Port #2 - port is up but phone isnt. The phone is PoE and is powered on.

port #44 connects to a Cisco switch. If I connect the phone into the Cisco switch it comes up fine. Thank you.



Screenshot 2023-05-18 141741.png

Screenshot 2023-05-18 141857.png


Usually IP Phones get the VLAN via LLDP or CDP. You can consider configuring a profile for that like explained here

- Emirjon
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