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Vlan Interfaces not working

hello everyone 

iam new to FG and testing it on GNS3 right now 

as you can see in the attached picr iam using simple topology 

with one switch configured with two vlans 100, 200

port e0/0 on switch is configured as dot1q Trunk port 

on the FG i tried to add vlan interfaces tagged with 100 and 200 and enabled dhcp server on each one of them 

but the PCs is not able to get ip 

even when i try to add the IPs statically i cant ping the vlan interface on the firewall  

so what iam missing here ?

Esteemed Contributor III

1: are the PCs in the correct vlan and acces-mode


2: did you do a diag snipper packet "vlan_int-name" ? do you see traffic from the PCs


3: as far as ping, do you have any trusthost  entries? And do you have allowaccess ping enable