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Virtual IP (Static NAT) on multiple WAN link running BGP

Hi everyone,

I would like to seek assistance from the experienced forum members on below scenario- 


I have a FG Firewall having 2 BGP peerings and announcing a public pool. The peers are configured as primary/backup in BGP using the attributes (LP/AS prepend) . These 2 interfaces over which the BGP peers are formed are bounded in a zone called "North Zone" 


Now, I have a web server which is using 1 IP from public pool which is being announced over BGP. 



Web Server (> Fortigate Firewall --- > interface port1---announcing to primary peer1

Web Server (> Fortigate Firewall --->interface port2---announcing to secondary peer2


Now, I would like to have a static NAT using VIP for the web server <----> 


Problem: VIP lets me bind to only 1 interface however in the event primary path is reachable the secondary peer will still have the path to the public pool but this static nat will not work unless I manually create the VIP entry..


I haven't used the "any" option for now as  I had a bad experience with this NAT option in VIP. It hadn't worked but will again give a try to check the flow.


Please provide your valuable inputs on this issue and let me know the solution if you ever encountered this scenario.



Sandeep Jha




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This worked with 'any' option just in case someone get into similar situation.


Thanks, Sandeep Jha

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