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Virtual Fortinet VM template in VM

Hi Team,


I would like to seek your valuable suggestions on one of the requirement. We are trying to maintain a template in VMWare (Vcenter) for the standard parameters configured for Virtual Fortigate. However, the problem is the license which gets expired and the template end up with no value after 15 days. Is there a way other than buying actual Fortigate license and maintaining as a template. 

I am fine with having a template which provision Trial Fortinet VM and we can buy license and add as and when we provision the new Firewall using the template. 


Any inputs on the issue would be appreciated. 



Sandeep Jha

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I thought the expiration timer wouldn't start counting down until you powered it on. That is what I have done in the past for virtual appliances. Deploy the OVF and then clone it before powering it on. Some things like vASA will generate a UID for the device on the first boot-up.

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