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VXLAN Gateway Flapping

So I’m running into a weird issue with VXLAN. We’ve got two sites (A,B). IPSEC tunnel between Loopback interfaces. VXLAN running over the tunnel. VLAN sub-interface on each end that is then a member of a software switch along with another vlan that we can assign to switch ports.

So far everything works. Site A VXLAN devices can communicate with Site B VXLAN devices as expected, as well as reach the web from their respective firewalls wan port.

Here’s the weird bit. If I ping a device (SMB, RDP, etc) inside the VXLAN (SiteA inside) from a device at Site B outside the VXLAN, the gateway for the Site A device temporarily shifts to send all traffic out the SiteB gateway before switching back to go out its own sites gateway a few seconds later.

Any insight would be awesome!

omegle xender

Since this is public forum and everyone can see your messages, i suggest you open a support ticket where you can share your config settings with support team.
Results also need to be checked for both sites.
Unless you can mask or change your real data with some bunch of useless IPs routes etc.


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