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VRRP between datacenters

I understand this is not the preferred method at all, but we have certain requirements within our DR site.  Please let me know if this is possible and how to implement it.  We have two datacenters that will have a L2 connection between them.  We will stretch VLANs across this L2 connection, so that they live on both sides.  This way the network will already be there and we can migrate VMs, do a restore and everything works.  I need to know if we have 3 vlans that terminate on the fortigate, would I enable VRRP for each interface that the vlans live on?  Also, would the virtual router for vrrp match the IP of the interface or would there not be an interface IP and only a vrrp virtual router IP?  Please see attached diagram.  Thank you.

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the diagram didn't come through it seems.


personally if you have layer 2 stretched i would just build one FortiGate cluster over that stretched network.


if you plan to have two clusters or two not standalone units and start using VRRP then things might get complicated and you have to consider asynchronous routing.


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