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VPN wont save any profile



i need a help to fix the problem with my VPN i had installed in my computer the Fortinet V 6.0  the las week i start to had a some problems with the profiles and many disconnections i check my internet my computer and all was normal, when i try to modify my profile this dont take any change delete or create a new; for this reason i try to uninstall and install again when i finish the process (with many problems) i clean the regedit any residual file before to isntall the new version,  i install de Fortinet VPN V 6.4 and this continue with the same problem when i try to configure the profile dont save any information i try to configure in other computer export a bakcup and import in my PC but show the same problem dont save any information and he dont show any error message..

Please any can help me i dont know how fix this


i use W10 Profesional 64 Bit 

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are you the FortiGate admin or an end user?


I m a end user and i try whit other computers to my company and din`t had this problem

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then the logical conclusion would be there is something "different" with this computer and not with the Fortinet software. you are running the installer as administrator? there is no anti-malware software or something blocking anything?


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