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VPN list in GUI not showing, only turning dots



since i modified some VPN parameters i got no content in the IPsec Tunnel list in the GUI. I got only the turning dots, no error message, nothing, even after some minutes, nothing.


Nearly the same in the Monitor page, after a reboot one time the tunnels will be displayed but not a second time.


The tunnels are working without problems.


I'm running FortiOS v6.0.3 build0200 (GA) on a 100D.


Some ideas or any hints? Thank you very much...


Kind regards


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O.k. i just got an idea, try a different browser, i used in the past Chrome on my Mac and on my Windows PC, on both i had this problem.


Now i installed Opera on my Mac and the tunnels are showing normal.


Perhaps a Chrome Problem?

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I had the exact same problem after upgrading my unit (60e) to the same firmware, however using Edge I was able to see the GUI without a problem. It was not a Chrome issue either, I believe it is a bug.

So I upgraded my firmware to 6.0.4 and that fixed the issue, looking at the release notes they make mention to a similar issue with the GUI. Now it is working fine with Chrome. If you do not want to upgrade you can try using an alternative browser.


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yes a alternate browser i used already, as i wrote i was using opera wihout problems.


Now i updated to 6.0.4 and the problem is gone, the GUI is working fine again with chrome.


Thanks for the hint, the 6.0.4 wasn't shown in the GUI for a update, the GUI told me that the system is up do date.





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