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VPN client licensing (Forticlient)

We have a Fortigate 30E installed about a year and a half ago for VPN access. Is there currently a basic VPN client available that is free? We are not using any of the subscription or management services. However when installing, running, and connecting with the latest Forticlient version 6.x a message comes up that VPN access is only available free for 3 days after which a license must be purchased. (This was not the case with our earlier installations of Forticlient 5.x.)


I found a 2014 post here saying a free SSL VPN client is available through the Fortinet FTP site but that appears no longer to be the case, at least doesn't come up.  Is the free VPN-only client still available? This would primarily be for Windows, but a Mac version would be good to have as well if available.


Thanks for your answer. But the normal FortiClient include also other stuff which I don't want /:

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When you install the 6.0 client it will ask you what modules you want to install. Just select the VPN module and ignore everything else.


Which OS do you use?


I had the same problem. Did you modify your Client or import a configuration?

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You want to look for the SSL-VPN client under downloads - it's sandwiched between the full client -the filename should be along the lines of FortiClientVPNSetup_6.2.6.0951

FortiClient VPN

Remote Access

Y IPSec VPN Y SSL VPN N Technical Support




Hm FortiClient VPN 6.2 works fine here on several Macs so far. It should not want to connect to EMS. 

Even the "normal" FortiClient shouldn't. EMS is only needed for customized FortiClient Versions. That is the only time you need a license for FortiClient.

Maybe you downloaded such a version somewhere? Did you dl from the official site or the support portal?


"It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

-- "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams


I have FortiGate 501E version V6.2.3 running SSL VPN in that deployed domain restriction, host integrity check and few addition features. user end currently using FortiClient 6.0.x, due to forticlient version vulnerability am going to upgrade the forticlient version.Post up-gradation (version 6.2.2 or higher)  the forticlient few features (domain restriction) are not working. Raised TAC support ticket ,they saying need to buy EMS licence, any one facing this kind of issue. Please suggest.


Note: Please refer below statement.

Threat Summary: FortiClient for Windows Insecure Temporary File vulnerability

An Insecure Temporary File (CWE-377) vulnerability in FortiClient for Windows may allow a local user to gain elevated privileges via exhausting the pool of temporary file names combined with a symbolic link attack.


Improper Access Control, Privilege Escalation

What is Affected:

FortiClient for Windows 6.2.1 and below

How to Protect Yourself:

Upgrade to FortiClient for Windows version 6.2.2 or above


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I too was having the same problem.  Forticlient Download site has added three downloads were there was only one.

The Top of the page download is now Fabric Agent with Endpoint Protection and Cloud Sandbox (this is a 3 day trial unless you have a licensed EMS). The Second download is the Forticlient EMS Server and the 3rd download is the Forticlient VPN that has no expiration.


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