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VPN Site 2 Site secondary tunnel fails

Hi to everyone,


I have this problem on a FortiGate 60F with firmware 6.4.6.


I have a server hosted in Microsoft Azure with which I communicate through an IPSec tunnel configured in the Fortigate following the instructions in this cookbook.


As a contingency, I have a second tunnel configured through the WAN interface of the secondary internet line we have in the office, to communicate with my server in case of failure or downtime of the main line. This second tunnel follows the same configuration as the first one.


The problem I am having is that, when I set up the first tunnel, it handles traffic and works on my server perfectly. When I raise the second tunnel, after a few seconds I see that the tunnels are still UP in the Forti but suddenly the connection of the first tunnel stops responding (no ping answers and I lose the navigation on the shared folders of the server).


I am totally lost and I come to you a bit desperate, could someone help me with this issue?


Thank you in advance.

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Did you implement some kind of routing? Like OSPF or BGP?

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