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VPN Routing Issue

I have two backup VPN tunnels that connect back to the corporate office using the same interface.  One connects to the main wan1(Main ISP) interface and the other connects to wan2(Backup ISP).   The VPN tunnel to the wan1 works fine, but I can't get it to connect to wan2 unless I change the distance in static routes to be lower on WAN2 than on WAN1.  When I do this, it drops the connection to the VPN tunnel on WAN1 and the VPN tunnel on WAN2 comes up.  How can I make it so that both tunnels are up all the time?

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From the CLI, 'set auto-negotiate enable' on the phase 2 definitions for the tunnels. This will attempt to keep them up and authenticated, even when traffic drops. Make the distances the same as well as their priorities. That should be it.

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