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I may ask a stupid question - forgive me ;) - will this configuration work:


FG60F + LAN with unmanaged switches.


In your FG, one of the physical LAN ports (e.g. LAN3) belongs to the VLAN Switch. If I create a new VLAN interface and connect it to the Switch VLAN interface, is there a chance to create a working VLAN? Will it be possible to communicate between this VLAN and the VLAN Switch after creating appropriate firewall policies?


Does it need to be solved differently?


I want to create a separate subnet that will be able to communicate with the VLAN Switch to a limited extent.


Thanks for any tips.

Best Regards,
Best Regards,Wojtek
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By default with a 60F all LAN1(internal1)-LAN5(internal5) are bound to a VLAN switch "internal". If you create a VLAN subinterface on the internal interface, that would connect to a switch at any of those ports with the VLAN tag.

A VLAN subinterface is an independent interface you can configure an IP. Different from "internal".



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hello Wojtek

If I understand correctly.
Then you would have to break the SW switch on the Fortigate and make single interface and then connect your Unmangendet switch to an interface.


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You don't have to. The new VLAN is just spread out to all member ports including LAN3/internal3. And the VLAN switch is NOT a soft-switch. Not a hard-switch either though. See @AlexC-FTNT's KB below:


But it's probably better if you separate the port from the VLAN switch as @Christian_89 suggests so that other ports won't have the VLAN.



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