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VDOM Fortitoken

Hello guys, i need some help. I have my Fortigate configured with 2 VDOMs (root and VDOM 2), when i import the 2 free Tokens (0000-0000-0000-0000 command) on my VDOM 2, they generate on the VDOM root and i can' t change them to VDOM 2. I tried deleting them and import them via CLI and GUI but they keep showing on the root VDOM config. How can i get them to work on my VDOM 2? Thank you in advanced.

I highly suspect the tokens are registered to the FortiGate as a single device, serial number to serial number. For that reason, even with VDOMs - even VDOMs used by different tenants - the tokens are associated with the management VDOM. If you changed the management VDOM to VDOM2, for what it' s worth, I bet the tokens would move. However, you wouldn' t be able to assign other tokens to VDOM1 separately.

Regards, Chris McMullan Fortinet Ottawa

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I had the same issue.   I've verified TAC's resolution works:


Copy the serial numbers of the two FortiTokens to a Notepad.  Erase Tokens from current VDOM.  Go to new VDOM -  Click "Create New"  Type: Hard Token  Serial Number: <Original Serial from previous VDOM> (Paste back from Notepad)  Click 'OK' 

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Config vdom

edit vdomname

config user fortitoken     edit [ serial number ]     set status enable end

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