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VDOM Enable option missing from 5.2 GUI on 60D

I am new to Fortigate and just bought a 60D specifically to implement VDOMs. However, it doesn't seem to support the feature, despite the spec sheet saying it does. I'm kind of concerned. I'm running the latest firmware, v5.2.1,build618 (GA).


The manual says to do this to enable VDOMs:


1. Log in with a super_admin account. 2. Go to System > Dashboard > Status. 3. Under System Information > Virtual Domain, select Enable and confirm your selection.


The problem is that under System Information there is no line reading "Virtual Domain". See the attached screenshot. And yes, I'm logged in as super_admin, using the default "admin" account, and a password has been set. The box is also configured in Interface mode and shows seven individual Ethernet ports in the Interface section of the config.


What gives?


Fortinet has disabled some advanced features on SOHO models.

You can enable VDOM in  the CLI:


config system global

set vdom-admin enable





Thanks, that worked! On the other hand, I lost a few hours valuable weekend scouring documentation and forum posts only to learn that Fortigate hid the VDOM feature on the 60D. For the record, Fortigate, that sucks. This is a basic documentation fault that Fortigate should fix ASAP to prevent other customers from wasting their time.

Incidentally, what other advanced features are hidden on the 60D?

Everything that you can not find it ;)

Usually there is no need to enable features like VDOM in SOHO models, so Fortinet hide that.

You can download CLI refrence.If you want to configure something and it's not on the GUI use that.


Norouzi, I appreciate your help. However, I'd like to hear fortigate's explanation for this bad documentation, and even better, see them fix it ASAP. There's simply no excuse for documentation lapses like this. It's unprofessional.

Didn´t they mentioned it on Release Notes für 5.2.1 ? btw. this changes are valid for all Fortigates < 100D or only for <70D ?

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