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Upload bandwidth faster than download

I'm using a Fortigate 70F and experiencing lower bandwidth in download then upload for all speed tests done from a computer and internet mode. The CPU of the Fortigate doesn't going to 100% during the speed test. The version of FortiOS is 7.0.12. I'm connected to a WAN port of the firewall. No limit bandwidth policie are applied. My LAN connection is wired gigabyte. Thank you for commenting on the reason for this situation or provide a solution to get the full internet bandwidth or at least the same as upload speed.Screen capture.png


Can you bypass Fortigate and test the speeds? Probably connect the WAN link directly to your laptop for testing ?

If you are getting expected results with this, please create a firewall policy with no utm inspection for the LAN to WAN connection (for testing) and then check the speeds again.



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Hello Supernet11,


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You can try the below article steps by disabling npuoffload.

-Disable security profiles on the firewall policy

-Use flow based and verify differences.

-As suggested by Suraj earlier bypassing fortigate and see speed if there is any increase.






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1. I did a test on my laptop with a firewall policy bypassed : minor bandwidth differences ranging from 50-100 Mbps faster download.

2. I did a test with my laptop wired with a wire in the wall directly to the modem and the speed and I get similar results as with the firewall connected: 517/813 Mbps (download/upload) .

3. I did a test with a 6 foot cable with my laptop directly connected to the modem: 249/812 Mbps.

4. And finally I did the internet test with another computer (medium tower PC) connected to the firewall: 729/811 Mbps.


My conclusion is that the firewall isn't involved in the problematic, but it's my laptop that's having trouble handling high-speed data transfer.


Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. Tell me if I'm wrong or if you have any other suggestions.


Especially when you're using a laptop for speed testing, make sure that laptop has a physical GigE port built in. If an USB adapter or something additional, most unlikely you can see closer to physical port speed 1Gigbps. Then also you should put it in Safe mode with Networking (for Windows). Otherwise, many applications are listening to inbound traffic for their own ports at the same NIC, which might bog down download speed.



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