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Upgrade F600D cluster to version 6.2.4

Hi guys   I upgraded a HA cluster over the weekend of Fortinet 600D firewalls. I was upgrading in three steps as below:   Step 1 - Upgrade from 5.4.11 to 5.6.11 Step 2 - Upgrade from 5.6.11 to 6.0.9 Step 3 - Upgrade from 6.0.9 to 6.2.4   The first two steps went very smoothly, but the final step involved a messy reboot after both nodes were upgraded. During the cluster reboot, I lost all connectivity and was contemplating getting remote hands involved. After around 10 minutes, the device thankfully came back online.   Is this normal? Should I be wary of using version 6.2.4?   Many thanks

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On saturday, i upg from 6.2.3 to 6.2.4 and i had a lot of problems with DNS after upgrade. My company went down about 2 hours trying  troubleshotting the problem without success  and we rollback to 6.2.3.


Hi Ziggolina,


I think if you search the forums you will see a number of people complaining about 6.2.4. It doesn't seem to have been Fortinet's finest release- although I know some poeple have found it ok.


I know Mike (aka Fortinet Guru) posts pretty regularly on here. His YouTube channel has quite a good video on the topic:-


Hope that's useful.


Kind Regards,





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I am using 6.2.4 and have few problems

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