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Understanding the Use of FortiGate Workspace Mode

Hey everyone,

I'm curious about FortiGate Workspace Mode and its relevance in business operations, and it is depends on Firewall Version ? . Can anyone shed some light on its purpose and whether it's commonly utilized in the corporate world? Looking forward to learning more!

Hi Frata,


Basically the workspace mode has been available since old version, I have add a link from version 6.2.

Workspace mode allow you to hold all the changes on the configuration until you confirm the changes via command 'execute config-transaction commit'.


It is useful when you have more than two firewall administrators doing changes at the same time. It will lock the object to avoid changes done by two or more people at the same time. 


I haven't seen many Fortigate administrators using it but I know that other vendors have this feature enable by default.



I do use it as a failsafe measure when configuring some FOrtigate remotely and can lose management connection to it. For example when changing the default route or WAN interface of FGT to which I am connected via the same WAN interface - if something goes wrong and I lose admin access to the Forti, the configuration will revert back. I wrote a post with examples of doing this - 


Regards to the acceptance in the Ent world - nope, I don't see much being integrated into daily firewall management workflow. But I would not want FTNT to drop this feature still :). 


This feature was added, I can surmise, because other vendors already had it. But those other vendors (Palo Alto/Check Point those I know most) face the same situation - admins just click through this feature w/o much thinking. 

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Yuri blog: All things Fortinet, no ads.
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