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Unable to create policy rule in FM for a VDOM link confige. Cannot add VDOM link as incoming intface

FortiManager 7.4.2
Fortigate 7.4.3 has:
      Global, root, lab1, and lab2 Vdoms
Created vdom link for lab1, seems to work fine. Policy for "root" adom has a rule where "from" is the lab1 link, and "to" is port1(Internet).
Created vdom link for lab2. FortiManager sees the interfaces. Cannot create similar rule.

Looking at the network interfaces in the lab1-adom, I see Lab1Link0.
For lab2-adom, I see Lab2Link0.
For root-adom, see Lab1Link1 and Lab2Link1
Lab2Link1 does not show when trying to configure the "incoming" interface. But Lab1Link1 does.


If I go to the FortiGate and try and create the policy, I can select Lab2Link1. Tempted to blow away the FM policy and re-add to FortiManager.
But I would expect to have the same problem if I try doing something else that is similar.


Did have an initial issue with the marketplace image used to create the FortiManager.  As it did not format the disks properly, and would not save the full configuration information until the lvm was formated throu the CLI. Wondering if my problem is related.


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one other note.

If I go to Policy & Objects, Normalized Interface in FM. Lab1Link1 shows up, but Lab2Link1 does not.

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Going to give up on this one.  And see if I can just rebuild it.  Tried adding a new local user via FM, for a FG, and got a long error string that tells me nothing. (lots of CLI...etc)  So something is really on this one, and I've already spent too much time on simple things. Fortunately this is a new install, and not prime time yet.




If some changes are made directly on the FGT please try the following steps.


To Retrieve:

Device Manager - > Managed Devices - > Double click the FortiGate - > Dashboard - > Summary - > 'Configuration and Installation' widget - > Revision - > select the menu icon - > Retrieve

To retrieve via CLI:

diagnose dvm device list <-search the OID near the SN
diagnose test deploymanager reloadconf <OID>

If there are changes also made in the configuration then the Import will be needed.

If there are no changes in the FortiGate configuration then it can be made just Install.


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