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Unable to RDP between FortiClients

Hi all. I'm most definitely a rookie at this, so please bear with me. I'm trying to get our FortiClients to be able to RDP to one another. As of now, when I'm connected to the SSL-VPN, I'm able to RDP into computer on the office LAN, but I'm not able to RDP to remote FortiClient users.


After I've had the SSL-VPN up and running, I've tried adding a policy from ssl.root to ssl.root allowing the SSL Users. Unfortunately I still can't RDP to other FortiClients. I've also run a sniffer trace and debug flow. When I ping with the debug flow, it shows that the packet is accepted by one of the policies, but I can't tell where it's getting stuck.


Can anyone help guide me?

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Of course I figured it out right after I posted this. I had to create a policy going from the IPsec VPN zone to ssl.root in order for this to work.


So you meant an SSL-VPN client to/from an IPSec-VPN client then. They're completely separate interfaces at the FGT, which you need to be conscious about although both take dialup/remote access VPNs from FortiClient.

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I had to do something similar to get our softphones to work when the call was between two users on the VPN. The two clients need to talk directly to each other. Similar, but I was using ipsec.

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