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UTM profiles

Hi All,


I have activated the 30 day fortiguard trial and I have successfully activated web filtering.  I now want to allow override for selected users as per this document :

but I do no have an utm tab in the gui nor do I have a dropdown list under the headings in the security profiles tab (antivirus, web filtering, ...) so I cannot perform the change into the web filter profile

I have already enabled multiple security profiles ( but no solution as yet.


Can anyone help ?  I am using a FWF 60D with firmware 5.2.5



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Go to System > Config > Features and switch the desired UTM features to On.

Hit Apply


Hi gschmitt,


Thank you for your reply.  I did have these features enabled from the beginning but I do not see the utm profiles tab nor the dropdown list in the security policies (see attachments).




second attachment.


third one

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