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URL Filter Definitions

I'm having an issue with a url. For example, this url ( is stating beling blocked on my firewall due to the category "unrated". But upon clicking on the Fortigate link the website is stating it is rated "Business". How do I update those definitions?

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Hello @beez11 ,


Webfilter on Fortigate works with instant queries. For this reason, there is no database that you can update. Can you check whether your fortigate can access fortiguard servers with the following command?


"diagnose debug rating"


Also you can check Fortiguard status in Settings-> Fortiguard. 

Also you can check this link.

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If you have found a solution, please like and accept it to make it easily accessible to others.NSE4-5-6-7 OT Sec - ENT FW
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First, you're talking about FortiGuard Category Filtering, not URL Filtering. The Category is defined and checked at the FortiGuard. Your FGT doesn't have a copy. If an actual rating is not matching with what you can see at the FortiGuard site, you likely have connection problems to FortiGuard.
Check "diag debug rating" to see if you have connections to any FortiGuard servers.

fg40f-utm (global) # diag debug rating
Locale : english

Service : Web-filter
Status : Enable
License : Contract

Service : Antispam
Status : Disable

Service : Virus Outbreak Prevention
Status : Disable

Num. of servers : 3
Protocol : https
Port : 443
Anycast : Enable
Default servers : Included

-=- Server List (Tue Dec 19 13:30:20 2023) -=-

IP                             Weight          RTT Flags TZ FortiGuard-requests Curr Lost Total Lost Updated Time                 0            41 DI         0 34784 0 9 Tue Dec 19 13:30:11 2023                 0          107 D          0 73244 0 110 Tue Dec 19 13:30:11 2023
2620:101:9000:140:173:243:140:16 0 0 D FT  0 32053 32052 32052

The meaning for those flags are defined in below KB:


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