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Removing VLAN and VLAN switch

I was playing around with some stuff on my personal router and I am trying to remove the VLAN associated with a physical port and I also want to remove a VLAN switch I made now. I removed the policies associated with them and there are no routes associated with either port. Can anyone tell me how to remove these? I'd like to reinsert my physical port 2 and 3 back into my working VLAN switch for the time being. Pic below for reference.


I fixed this issue. I had the interface bound to an address still, so just had to get rid of that and it allowed me to delete the VLANS. 

Screenshot 2024-04-24 131144.png


Select them and hit delete.  You will need to delete those internal interfaces from those objects first.


The delete was unable to be used. Noticed it was still linked to an address, so I deleted that and was able to delete the interfaces. 

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