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Two Fortigate pairs in a HA pair (4 Fortigates total)

I'll do my best to explain. I also have crude drawing to help explain


I have 4 Fortigates. Two in one building and two in another. They are currently in HA pairs, Y with Y and X with X. What I need to have happen is if either X or Y in building A goes down, I need both fortigates to fail over to the B side. If one has an issue it fails to B but leaves the other in A breaking the "stack" they are setup in. While they are broken the link to each other seems to remain up even though one fortigate is passive at that point. 


I thought you could make two clusters and run them in HA. Building A would be a cluster with both X and Y and B would be a cluster with X and Y. That doesn't appear to be the case. My other thought is monitoring certain interfaces in the HA setup, but with links seemingly staying up even in passive, I'm not sure it would help. 


Has anyone worked this sort of setup before. The drawing doesn't show the additional connections involved but should get the point across. map.PNG

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I would guess automation stitch can be used because HA failover can trigger an action(s), to shutdown the interfaces to the other FGT. Then the other FGT can "monitor" the interface to trigger HA failover. You need to set this up only on the A side since that side is your primary.


Probably you need to have another stitch for failback though.

Just an idea without any POC testing.




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Wonder why nobody mentions the "link monitor". You can set up a link monitor, using ping or TCP handshake or other means, to monitor a remote server/target. Which in your case would be the other HA cluster. If detected, the link monitor can trigger a HA failover.


Before you ask: no, no recipe available as yet, but IMHO worth to explore in the lab.


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Thanks, this is the direction I was heading just wasn't sure how to implement it. I'll give it a go and see what happens. 

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