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Traffic Shapping

I have setup traffic shaping on a Fortigate 60C and it seems to be mostly working, but latency on the Internet link still increases when downloads are running, is this normal? I have a 10Mb fiber connection, one internal port of the Fortigate is traffic shaped to 2.4Mb, and the other is shaped to 5Mb. I also have the 2.5Mb network set to priority low and the 5Mb set to high in the traffic shaping rule. If I download a large file on the 2.5Mb network from the internet I can see it is correctly restricted to a speed of 2.5Mb on the download, but ping responses on the 5Mb network go up from 1 -2ms to 150-250ms while the download is running, and general web access seems less responsive. Is this normal of all traffic shaped internet connections, I thought the whole point of traffic shaping was to be able to segment off your Internet connection into different pipes that don' t affect each other? Any help would be appreciated.

hmmm, no I haven' t! I didn' t know the inbandwidth, outbandwidth and tos-based-priority parameters exist at all How or what defines the " default traffic priority" ? I guess I have to read those settings in the CLI guide. Thx Robert!
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Basically the default is what any policy gets if you don' t state otherwise. If the default is high (how it comes from the factory) and you set any policy to high, then all policies get processed at the same priority level. Kinda useless.... On the bandwidth side, if the FGT doesn' t know what the total pipe size is, it can' t accurately limit or divide out the slices to allow each their proper amount.

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See my Fortigate related scripts at:

Bob - self proclaimed posting junkie!See my Fortigate related scripts at:

Sounds logical to me, will set it to medium as well then. thx again
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