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Trade UP Fortigate 300D



we have 2x FG300D in a active-passive cluster in our data center. Since the FG300D is end of life we have to start thinking about changing the FGs and what models would be best to substitute. 


I think that the options are a FG200F or a FG400F cluster. We have 600-700 users and all the offices are connected via MPLS (so just one VPN site to site). Traffic from the MPLS site is like 600/600mb and for internet 2x 600/600.


We were checking the data sheets of each model. Technically I would say that 2 FG200F should be more than capable to manage everything. Is there something else we should consider?




Hello RolandBaumgaertner72,


I like using the Product Matrix when comparing models (this one is February 2023):


Both options looks good based on your numbers. As typical ratio of traffic (which may differ in your case) is around 80% is SSL type. This may be a determining factor, if you want now or eventually to inspect this encrypted traffic with security policies, to select a more powerful model.


Correct sizing is also a prediction about the next few years as these devices will probably be there for a long time (5-7 years) and traffic always increase.


Start a discussion with your Fortinet reseller/Fortinet account team on the subject, they probably have good insight on the subject.

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