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FortiManager as MSP - Workflow

Hey there,

How do you build your MSP Infrastructure ?


I've got every Customer in its own ADOM. But is there a way to collectively see all customers ?

If I onboard someone new to the Team I don't want him look through all Customers to check on Firmware Upgrades and such.


Thanks and maybe If you could share your experiences and Tips on how to properly use Fortimanager ?

Hello mimosa09,


Some experts on the forum may give precious tips.


Not an MSP-type setup expert myself, there may be many ways to do something and as there is probably a full spectrum of MSP-type solutions each with their particularities. I suggest you also have as an option to talk with your Fortinet account team, as they understand best the products you use and your particularities; they may be able to share some wisdom.

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Well, we're an MSP/MSSP but we're doing exactly what you're describing. If we're smarter with proper resource allocations we would have someone writing some code using API to collect firmware version of all devices in all ADOMs, or just parse through the output of "diag dvm device list" and generate a table sorted by the versions in ascending or descending order.

But we're generally very aware of what all customer's versions are while each ADOM can hold only two major versions and the FMG can handle only three, then every time a major vulnerability issue comes out like the last one two weeks ago, customers demand us to upgrade. Or at least threaten us to leave when it was found out later.



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