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TACAC in FortiAuthenticator?

This is a question for any Authenticator product people.  I believe Dr. Carl Windsor drives the Authenticator product.  I am curious to know if we could expect TACACS+ or any other additional protocol support in FortiAuthenticator.  It is rather appealing to be able to support all of our AAA protocols, that can proxy auth back to LDAP or Active Directory, on one easy to manage and scalable platform and be able to shim in multifactor at the same time.


In other words, will I ever be able to use FortiAuthenticator to consolidate my 18 AAA servers with 6 FortiAuthenticators?  

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Tacacs+ is a gaping hole left  out.


IIRC our local sales team said tacacs was not being entertain for the fortiauthenticator. Why i really never got a solid answer ( I'm guessing license maybe , or there vision of the need for subscriber vrs administrator authentication  needs ). You should try to see what sales team says and if any milestones for any new features.


Please post whatever you get back from FTNT






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